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We've moved!

In order to be able to offer our consultations, courses, seminars and projects better, we recently moved to our new building. Our new address is:

Easy Bildungs- & Familienzentrum e.V.

Lehnerstr. 19 - 23

42655 Solingen


Who are we

We are an association that was originally founded in 2013 as a tutoring center for children in need. It was quickly recognized that not only children, but also young people and adults are dependent on help in their respective life situations.


Our advice, courses, seminars, workshops and projects are tailored to the needs of children, young people, adults and families. As a recognized non-profit association, we are supported by donations and state-funded funds.


We belong to the Parity Welfare Association and the Parity Youth Office. We are also a recognized provider of youth welfare.


Fit in Deutsch

Get fit in German! Our course offers professional teachers, interactive methods and a motivating learning community. Conquer the German language!

Our Projects

Kids Cooking Club

With us, children discover the joy of cooking with creative recipes. Healthy eating and lots of fun. Let's cook together!


Individual support, experienced teachers, flexible times. Register now and achieve your academic success!


We don't give up on our dreams and support them corresponding offers the preservation of nature, the environment and the climate. Every small step out of many Individual has a big impact.


​​We feel the human and explicitly the Committed to children's rights. Regardless of worldview We welcome everyone of nationality and culture. The Human dignity is inviolable. These aren't empty words. This statement stands symbolically as a headline our actions. Co-creation and participation are for us of course. We practice charity and lay value a high-quality culture of debate. With it we make our contribution to the preservation of peace.

Our Vision


Every human being is valuable. We live in a democratic Country. Our association contributes to the democratic To help shape society, so that everyone with the respective Individuality and difference the right and the opportunity for constructive participation in all areas of life. The protection of children and young people is particularly important to us.


Appropriate specialist staff is available available to us to ensure protection. Victims of bullying, racism, extremism, etc. find a safe space with us to report on their experiences and find solutions together. We make an important contribution to personality development and attach great importance to fair dealings with and with each other.

Our Values


The human is the center of attention.

We see ourselves in the association as a family in which we treat each other considerately and friendly and are very hospitable to visitors. We are active co-creators of our democratic Company. We challenge and support those entrusted to us Children and young people based on the valid values of morals and ethics, according to their respective needs and strengthen their personality.

We see ourselves as companions and want to get through Reliability and stability for the children, young people, Being an anchor for adults and families during troubled times.

Our Motto


Our Team


Mehmet Kurulay



Merve Sahin-Yilmaz



Asli Tuna



Monika Maus



Ayhan Kurnaz




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Wandern in der Natur

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Tanz der 4


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Our Partners


Registration for Fit in German

Mastery of the German language is an essential prerequisite for a promising educational path and at the same time the key to successful integration and social participation in everyday life outside of school. The Ministry of Education has developed “Holiday Intensive Training – FIT in German” to enable the students to continue to improve their German skills and to apply them in everyday life. We have also been the sponsor of the project since 2019 and offer newly immigrated schoolchildren a free interactive German course in our association during the holidays. The support takes place in language-heterogeneous learning groups from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Everyday activities, digital learning media and creative learning methods as well as joint excursions enable the previously discussed language resources to be used in diverse and authentic situations apply and practice. Of course, we also take care of the physical well-being of the students with breakfast and lunch together.

Register now for the next holidays!

Thank You!


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